Book an Inspiring Speaker Who Walks the TalkIngrid Pich

Are you seeking an inspiring speaker who is well versed in wellness, exercise and nutrition for the mature?

At the age of 72, Ingrid has the energy of someone half her age.

She reinvented herself twice in the years where others normally retire, staying fit and healthy and trains others to enjoy their own health and wellness.

She established her fitness business, Exercise Easy at the age of 62 and at age 65 created her own anti ageing skincare range.

Ingrid will not allow age to get in the way of living life and taking on new challenges. She wants to redefine the image set by society when coming to that “certain age”, believing good health and the right attitude allows you to do whatever you want.

For your next event book Ingrid to speak on all manner of health, fitness, nutrition and age related topics including:

  • The health effects of food: How to slow the aging process
  • Being old vs. feeling old: Managing your attitude to aging
  • The age of manipulation: How marketing will take you to an early grave.