Lose Weight and Get Healthy with Ingrid!

You are never too old to give yourself the gift of health

.Have you been neglecting your body for years?

Once you reach a certain age it can feel very difficult to change our lifestyle habits. Some people even give up thinking they have left it too late.

Are you:

  • Unfit?
  • Overweight or obese?
  • Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes?
  • Recovering from illness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to get serious about your health.

As we age, the impacts of our unhealthy lifestyle habits start to compound. Many of the things we took for granted start to wear and tear. Our families worry about the long term effects of our unhealthy choices.

Analysis suggests that obesity and poor health will shorten our life expectancy .

Are you on the path to being one of those statistics?

Weight Loss Coaching Melbourne

  • Have you tried different diets and fitness regimes only to find them too hard to manage? 
  • Have you tried something and seen some changes, but all the benefits disappeared over time?
  • Are you stuck and can’t see a solution that works for you?

If you are ready to take control of your health and give yourself the best future possible, it is time to get yourself a coach…

Having a personal coach and trainer will help you achieve your life changing health goals.

Even goals that you have given up on.


My name is Ingrid Pich and I am a 72 year old with a passion for sharing my experience with wellbeing, health, and aging with vitality. I believe that to be successful in achieving your health and fitness goals you need a purpose… my purpose one is to be independent, stay healthy and be able to play with my grandchildren and watch them grow up.

My philosophy is simple, nourishing your body and regular exercise are the keys to a healthy body and mind.

It is your life and you deserve to make the most of it.

Ingrid Pich
By making small daily changes, you will lose weight and improve your mobility, health & energy. 

I don’t believe in counting calories, but feeding your body with delicious healthy food. Likewise, I work with my clients to do the right exercises for your body and fitness levels.

I also don’t believe on focusing on the number of years you have lived.

Instead I focus on how you want to live, who you want to be and what you want to look like for the rest of your life.

After working with hundreds of clients in classes and one-on-one training, I know that you will:

  • Gain confidence and feel more control in your life.
  • Be thrilled at your new levels of energy, mobility, health and vitality.
  • Surprise yourself with your ability to lose weight, and keep it off, even if it seemed impossible before.

Are you ready to be my next success story?

After 4 weeks of personal training with Ingrid, I’ve lost 5 kilograms and feel more mobile and happy than I have in years. I can’t wait to see what happens next! (Sandra age 55)

Choose a package that suits your budget and health goals…

Female Personal Trainer Melbourne

“Statistics show that out of all people who exercise, only 25% get the results they are looking for. Out of those people who do get results, 90% used a Personal Trainer” (source: IHRSA)

Training and Coaching Packages

Affordable Personal Training

As it name denotes this is the most affordable package! It is perfect for people who want partnership, support and understanding in creating and achieving your health goals. It is a great low cost way of working with Ingrid and the starting point you need to create a healthy new lifestyle.

Available in person in Melbourne Metro or Worldwide via Skype.

This health and fitness package includes:

Personal Training

Personal training with Ingrid is fun and perfectly tailored to your health, fitness and mobility. With this weekly session you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve each week and how fantastic you will feel afterwards.

The options for personal training include:

  1. Personal Training via Skype Video Calls (available to clients worldwide)
  2. Personal Training in Glen Iris, Box Hill South, Camberwell or East Malvern.
  3. Personal Training in your home (available for clients in a 30 km radius of Melbourne Metro)

Exercise is the second foundation that Ingrid lives by, and working with her one on one will help you overcome any obstacles you may have encountered in the past.

Enjoy warm, friendly, customised sessions in a private setting that will give you back your strength and mobility. Ingrid will help you change your attitude to exercise as well as your waistline!

Health & Diet Analysis + Pantry Check

Once you register we will start by analysing your health, diet, lifestyle and creating health goals that you will work towards with Ingrid.

The health and diet analysis will include Ingrid’s infamous “Pantry Check” and give you a chance to feel excited and motivated for your brand new health adventure.

Together you will create an 3 month plan that will see you achieve your fitness and weight goals and put you on the driver’s seat of your health.

Workable Eating and Nutrition Plan

The food you eat is a crucial part of your journey and first foundations for losing weight and reclaiming your age and health.

Ingrid will design for you a delicious, budget conscious food and nutrition plan that will help you improve your health, lose weight and keep it off!

This program also includes 10 food preparation techniques that will help ensure your success.

Support and motivation 

Ingrid is an inspiring health coach and personal trainer. Having her on your team will not only motivate you to succeed but give you confidence in your abilities. Ingrid believes that reclaiming your health and weight is not just a physical thing – and her approach will see you reaching your goals and give you the mindset you need to maintain it.

Bonus: Free Group Classes

If you are based in Melbourne Australia, all packages come with an invitation to Ingrid’s group fitness classes. These classes will help you top up your fitness sessions and meet other people who are also transforming their health and fitness.

Health Coaching and Weight Loss

The Premium Health Package is for people who are serious about creating a healthy body and mind. You may be overweight, have had a health scare, be suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, or the effects of years of unhealthy living.

Coaching and training with Ingrid will help you take control of your weight, health and well being and build your confidence, mobility and fitness. You will surprise yourself and your loved ones with what you can achieve in just 3 months.

This is a Melbourne Fitness Program. For other locations please choose the Affordable package.

This health and fitness package includes:

Everything from the Affordable Package with double the personal training time and a super charge of support and techniques such as…

Professional Health Screening

A comprehensive health screening with will help identify any specific problem areas and give us a baseline from which you will improve!

Shopping Field Trip

Discover where healthy people shop and what they buy! Ingrid will show you how to get the freshest ingredients and how to understand packaging in a fun session that will open your eyes to a whole world of wonderful food.

Food Preparation Techniques

This is a private cooking class!  As part of your food plan, you will discover delicious, healthy super ingredients that will form a base for many of your meals. Ingrid will show you how to easily prepare healthy and tasty meals that will nourish your body. You will discover recipes that will give you energy and help slow the ageing process, inside and out.

Health Support Calls

Premium package includes regular motivational calls with Ingrid to keep you on track and achieving your goals. Enjoy scheduled calls as well as emergency calls for those times when you need a little TLC!

Health support calls will give you a chance to talk shop with Ingrid, a chance to get inside the mind of a friendly health expert for further health tips, discoveries and motivation on losing weight, reclaiming your health and slowing the ageing process.

These calls are available by phone or Skype and gives you the support and assistance you need to succeed with your new lifestyle goals.

Health Mindset Coaching

The right mindset is essential to getting and maintaining a healthy body, and Ingrid will help you develop your values, beliefs and attitude – the crucial factors for success.

Optional Extra – Hypnosis 

Ingrid is a qualified hypnosis practitioner. As well as working on your body, you can choose to use hypnosis to work on your subconscious. Hypnosis helps your subconscious maintain a high focus, which can make you more responsive to suggestions. This includes behaviour changes that can help you lose weight.

This works well for some people and is available as an optional part of Premium package.

Optional Extra – Meditation

Meditation helps lower blood pressure, assist to control anxiety, aid relaxation and help you become Zen!

If you choose this option, Ingrid will work with you on meditation techniques that will help you recover from your workouts and release some of the stress and tension you have accumulated in your body and mind.

Health Coaching Lose Weight Melbourne

This is your chance to have a life-changing health and weight loss experience.

One of the crucial elements of the popular weight loss programs on TV is the daily personal training, support, coaching, motivation and mentoring. If you have ever wished you too could have a dramatic physical and mental change, this is your chance to transform your life!

The Ultimate Health and Wellness Package gives you the chance to work with Ingrid almost daily to create your own exciting life change.

As you improve your fitness and lose weight you will begin to feel a life changing confidence in yourself. Regardless of your age you will realise the opportunity for a fresh start and begin to plan for exciting new challenges that you may have given up on in the past.

Please note: This is a Melbourne weight loss program. For other cities/countries please choose the Affordable package.

This health and fitness package includes:

Everything from the Affordable Package AND the Premium Package AND a chance to work with Ingrid almost daily to achieve your goals.

Personal Training

Three times a week Ingrid will come to your home and work with you one-on-one on exercises to suit your strength and mobility. You will surprise yourself with what you can achieve with this level of commitment and will see a rapid transformation of your body and your confidence.

Healthy Food Preparation 

As well as teaching you how to eat well, Ingrid will come to your home and prepare for you the healthy stocks and bases you need for reclaiming your health and losing weight. If cooking is not your thing your program can be tailored to include complete meal preparation by Ingrid – your own personal chef!

Weekly shopping support

Ingrid will join you for your weekly food shop, (or shop for you) ensuring your pantry is stocked with healthy and nutritious ingredients that can be used to prepare simple and delicious meals.

Health Supplements & Supplies

This package includes a 3 month supply of superior nutritional supplements that will compliment your personal training, food plan and boost your health. Includes high quality health products and probiotics.

Wellness treatments

Enjoy two alternative wellness treatments per month that perfectly compliment the efforts you are putting into training and reclaiming your health! Options include massage, acupuncture, naturopath, hair testing for mineral deficiencies and other natural therapies with local experts that will help you reach your health goals as quickly as possible.

weight loss guaranteeAchieve your weight loss goals – guaranteed!

I am so confident in my abilities to help you that I am offering a significant guarantee!

If you follow the food and exercise plans exactly as they are designed and do not reach your weight loss goals after 3 months, I will give you an extra month of your package absolutely free!

Helping you reach your health goals is my number 1 goal and I am excited to help you make 2015 the year you succeed!

Affordable Health CoachingPremium Coaching and Personal TrainingMelbourne Female Personal Trainer


Ingrid’s clients say…

Ingrid is an amazing and inspirational person.  When I first met Ingrid, I knew that she would be the best person to help me get fit and feel better about myself.

I have also learnt much about nutrition and the correct foods to eat to help me lose weight.  Ingrid relates well to us “older women”, as she herself is older, although she looks at least twenty years younger!!


I am a fairly typical overweight, sedentary retiree. My first class was a shock as I hadn’t exercised for twenty years!

Ingrid is amazing in the way she can encourage you and get that little bit more than you thought you had to give. I love my classes and positively improve week by week.

Already I have lost over 8 kilograms! Also my fitness and flexibility have improved.

I have never enjoyed exercise, but Ingrid is so inspiring that I can honestly say I am enjoying exercise and look forward to classes each week.

As well as exercise Ingrid is also very interested in nutrition, health and diet, her dietary advice is both helpful and easy to follow.

Suzanne 66

Prepay and Save up to $1197!

Pay for 3 months now and save 10% on all packages.

Affordable Health CoachingPremium Coaching and Personal TrainingMelbourne Female Personal Trainer.


Have questions? Contact Ingrid by Phone: 0409 882 935

Or email Ingrid (at) LiveLifeWithEnergy.com