Meet Ingrid

Meet Anti Aging Health Advocate: Ingrid Pich

Are You Ready To You Get Your Life Back?

Let Ingrid help you get your energy back through a unique combination of nutrition and exercise that’s tailored for your health needs. This seasoned physical trainer bases her proven techniques on her in-depth knowledge of good-tasting, healthy foods and exercise that fosters energy.

At 72, Ingrid is an anti aging health advocate and a master of vitality. She knows what can slow you down and rob you of your energy. And if you’re in the 40+ age group where health problems increase and energy levels decrease, you’re at the perfect age for Ingrid’s help.

Her goal is to help slow down the aging process, so you can enjoy life – today.

Trust Ingrid With Your Health and Fitness

Ingrid’s passion for health is backed by her skills and experience. 

Ingrid PichShe is:

She has also been trained to exercise Diabetics, particularly Type II – and ran the ‘Lift for Life Program’ at Fernwood.

Ingrid has also created her own line of IngRior anti-aging skincare products for sensitive skin.

Growing Up with Real Food…

Ingrid grew up on a farm eating wonderful wholesome foods. Raw milk, butter, healthy soups made from scratch, wholegrain breads, meats and eggs.

She knows what flavor is and how to match it with good nutrition. Ingrid advocates going back to the basics by eating the real, old-fashioned foods that our bodies crave.

Her extensive research can help you get a handle on understanding sustaining foods that can heal and restore.

Matching Good Eating with Great Exercise

It’s in Ingrid’s blood to be fit – she’s one of those types of people that just keeps moving. Ingrid was 59 when she ran her first marathon and 62 when she ran her last. And Ingrid’s expertise on exercise for the 40+ age group can help you ease your way into a tailored routine that works for you. Let Ingrid help you:

  • Improve your strength
  • Become more flexible
  • Stabilize your core
  • Increase your balance and coordination

Ingrid Can Help You Get Your Life Back

Ingrid’s life took a dramatic turn when she was in her 60’s. She’s no stranger to emotional pain and the struggles that can contribute to deteriorating health and loss of energy.

Today her life has been turned around, and her passion is to help you gain a life of purpose as well. At nearly 73, you could say that Ingrid has the energy level of a 30-year-old. And the older she becomes, the younger she seems to feel. “Age is not run by numbers,” says Ingrid. “It’s run by attitude.”

Ingrid’s goal is to help people like you change your perspective on aging. Through incorporating the life-changing tools of good nutrition and effective exercise, she wants to help you “age with attitude” and get your life back.

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