50+ Health Kickstart – 6 week course

Are you over 50?
Are you overweight, unfit or unwell?
Are you feeling your age?

It’s time to kick start your health

Your health is what will determine your quality of life, but many of us take it for granted.

We eat the wrong foods, and we don’t exercise as much as we should.

Over time we become unfit, overweight or start to suffer from a myriad of health issues. The number of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is skyrocketing.

If you have had an unhealthy lifestyle for years or even decades getting fit can seem impossible.

Especially if you are already at the mercy of chronic illness, pain or weight gain.

Fortunately it is never too late to start a new healthy lifestyle. Research shows that you are never too old to improve your health and wellbeing, build new strength and improve your flexibility.

Join a program that gives confidence to men and women 50+ in Melbourne who want increased health, wellness and mobility. If you are Unfit, Overweight, Type 2 Diabetic or are Recovering from Serious Illness – Ingrid will help you discover a healthier, happier and more mobile you.

Who is Ingrid?

Ingrid Pich is an inspiring 72 year old with a passion for helping people reclaim their health.

Her coaching and classes are designed for the needs of older generations and her clients are thrilled with their increased mobility, health, strength, weight loss confidence and energy for life.

Ingrid specialises in working with men and women who are:

  • Over 50
  • Unfit
  • Overweight or obese
  • Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes or chronic health issues
  • Recovering from serious illness
  • Living with reduced mobility

You are never too old to give yourself the gift of health

– Ingrid Pich

Health Kickstart Course

6 Weeks – Only $119!

As well as private coaching programs Ingrid offers the Health Kickstart Course. A fun and intimate Melbourne group class for people looking to get started with a healthier lifestyle.

This 6 week program meets on Mondays from 1 until 2pm and is suitable for people who are unfit, overweight or suffering from Type II diabetes.

50+ Health Kick Start Includes:

Weekly Exercise Classes

Every Monday we focus on exercises to improve your core and back strength and stability as well as strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system. You will surprise yourself with your new levels of flexibility, balance and ability.

Note: Exercise classes are tailored to cater to all ages, sizes and mobility levels.

Pantry Health Check

Your pantry is a window into your eating habits. Ingrid will help you identify foods to avoid and foods to enjoy as well as set you up with some delicious, healthy options that are easy to prepare. A healthy pantry means a more healthy lifestyle.

Metabolism Reprogramming

Unless you care for it your metabolism will decline over the years. In the 50+ Health Kick Start you will discover how to speed up your metabolism and learn how to teach your body to burn fat instead of sugar.

Course Details

Mondays 1pm to 2pm Hawthorn/Camberwell, Melbourne, VIC

Bookings are essential because numbers are limited!

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For bookings or more information contact Ingrid on 0409 882 935 or email ingrid (at) exerciseeasy.com.au