The Wonderful Health Benefits of Laser Acupuncture

Laser Acupuncture Melbourne

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for the mature, it is not unusual for clients to complain about muscular and arthritic pain as well pain associated with overuse or from an unknown origin.

I have personally experienced the incredible healing effectiveness of laser acupuncture. At the time I could hardly get out of bed due to muscular pain inflicted by chills and running.

I went to see Laser Acupuncture Practitioner Dr. Sandra Martin in Waverly at The Laser Therapy Centre.

To say the treatment was effective was an understatement! Two hours later the pain was relieved, and after two treatments completely cured.

The laser acupuncture also got rid my cough attacks which followed a recent cold. I am very passionate about the benefits of this holistic treatment and have happily referred many of my clients with excellent results.

Today I have a brief interview that I conducted with Dr. Sandra Martin so that you can learn a little more about Laser Acupuncture.


Dr. Sandra Martin

Q: What is Laser Acupuncture?

Dr. Sandra: Laser acupuncture is the modern version of traditional needle acupuncture – a system which was developed thousands of years ago by the ancient Chinese to promote healing and well-being.

Q: How does it work?

Dr. Sandra: Laser acunpuncture works by sending impulses along the nerves to the brain, which taps into the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

The brain releases increased levels of healing agents such as endorphins into the blood stream as well as sending anti-pain messages back through the nervous system.

Q: Is it painful?

Dr. Sandra: No! The laser is like a small torch. Most people feel nothing at all.

Q: Is it dangerous and does it have  any side effects?

Dr. Sandra: There is no danger from this type of laser.

A few people experience a mild temporary increase in pain, but most people do not feel anything at all.

Some people report feeling relaxed or a little tired after the treatment.


Q: Is it more effective than conventional needles?

Dr. Sandra: Laser also has a local healing effect on injured tissues (which does not occur with traditional needle acupuncture), so it is even more effective at repairing tissue damage.

Q: What ailments does it cover?

Dr. Sandra: Laser Acupuncture can be used for a large number of ailments including: headaches, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, sinusitis, hormone imbalance and many other conditions.

Q: Can it be used on children?

Dr. Sandra: Yes it is very safe and non-threatening for use on children.

Q: Can it be used by people with pacemakers?

Dr. Sandra: Yes. Because Laser Acupuncture is only a light, it does not interfere with pacemakers, stents, metal implants or artificial joints.

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