Osteopathy & Healthy Ageing: An interview with Rick Davids

Rick Davids - Everything’s Connected

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr Rick Davids. He is an Osteopath, Fellow of Applied Functional Science, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Medical Acupuncturist.

I quickly realised that he is as passionate about health as I am! He kindly agreed to share his thoughts on health and ageing. Enjoy the interview!

Q: Please explain your method of Osteopathy…

Rick: At Everything’s Connected we combine traditional osteopathy with an effective treatment and rehabilitation method called ‘Applied Functional Science’ (AFS). There are only a handful of osteopaths trained in this cutting-edge approach in Australia.

AFS is a movement-based (rather than a table-based) treatment approach that enables practitioners to more accurately identify and correct the underlying biomechanical issues that result in pain and dysfunction.

Treatment involves the patient performing specific functional movements at the same time as receiving osteopathic treatment. This effectively restores normal movement throughout the whole body to immediately reduce pain and enhance our day-to-day activities and sporting endeavors.

Q: Who is this kind of treatment for?

Rick: Everybody! Whether you are suffering from an acute or chronic injury, wanting to improve your mobility, strength or balance, or simply want to improve your performance or prevent injury in your chosen sport or activity, osteopathy and the AFS approach will likely be of great benefit to you.

Q: What inspired you to practice in this way?

Rick: It was clear to me early on in my osteopathic career that standard osteopathic treatment was missing something important. What was missing was the assessment and treatment of patients in a real life manner – while they were upright and actively moving.

Rick Davids - Everything’s Connected

Of course, there are many benefits to receiving a treatment while lying passively on the table, but it can only take you so far. This common sense approach of mimicking real life movement results in a much quicker recovery from injury and return to activity.

Q: What is your philosophy on health?

Rick: Health is the normal condition of the body. It is extremely resilient to and resistant from disease and infection, provided it is healthy. In this sense, health is our best immunity.

To achieve health we simply need to align ourselves with nature: eat real nutrient-dense foods from healthy plants and animal; drink clean water, get fresh air and exposure to natural sunlight; sleep and wake with the natural rise and fall of the sun; get daily activity; have purpose; love and be loved.

Q: How important is your spine to your overall condition?

Rick: They is an old saying that goes… “You are only as old as your spine”. As osteopaths, we believe the condition of the spine is reflective of the condition of the whole body.

A healthy spine, i.e. one that is well aligned and moves without restriction allows for normal body motion and also has a huge influence on the health of all other body systems.

This is because the spine houses the spinal cord that transmits the nerves to all of the tissues and organs of the body and controls numerous functions. A large part of treatment is aimed at restoring good spinal function.

Rick Davids - Everything’s Connected

Q: What ingredients are needed for healthy ageing?

Rick: Aging is a normal and healthy part of growing old, yet unfortunately many of us age prematurely and develop chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis and dementia.

Many of these afflictions are preventable and to a large degree reversible. The most important ingredients for healthy, graceful aging are as follows:

  1. Movement
  2. Nutrition
  3. Rest & Sleep
  4. Social interaction
  5. A purpose or passion in life

About Rick

Rick and the team at Everything’s Connected seek to identify and correct the underlying factors that result in many of today’s chronic health complaints, as opposed to simply treating symptoms.

This is achieved through the combination of skillful osteopathic treatment of the body’s framework, authentic movement and exercise rehabilitation techniques, along with individualised dietary and lifestyle interventions.

For more information visit the Everything’s Connected Website or Facebook Page

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2 Responses to Osteopathy & Healthy Ageing: An interview with Rick Davids

  1. Serena July 8, 2015 at 3:13 pm #

    I love seeing the evolution of the health industry, and dealing with the real movement of the body just makes sense! I also like what you say Rick about resting with the fall and rise of the sun, it makes sense, whether or not I can manage that however… it’s a work in progress!

    • Ingrid Pich August 25, 2015 at 8:24 pm #

      thank you for your comment Serena – yes maybe a beginning of things o come. People have to take their health serious.

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