Health And Vitality With Organ Meats

Lost and yet so precious! Old traditional cultures seem to have been forgotten and the once highly-valued organ meats have all but disappeared from conventional menus. I remember my parents and even my grandparents serving up calf liver on a regular basis. Whilst today we pop Vitamin D pills and slip, slop, slap with toxic […]

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Bones For Better Health

Bring on the Bones! Winter is hot soup time and the combinations are endless. This is the time when I ask my butcher to chop up that free range marrow bone for preparing a wholesome stock. Before you turn up your nose to consuming marrow bone, just think about the following benefits: Bone marrow is […]

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Change Your Oil, Improve Your Health

Oils Ain’t Oils! Never before have we seen such a selection of oils on the supermarket shelf and still growing! Many labels praise to be healthy and rich in Omega 3! How good are they really for our health? Which one is better? I remember the days of cooking and baking with animal fat – […]

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Not Just About Teeth

Hey – our body does not only consist of teeth! The human body is more than just a walking set of teeth; a big giant mouth with little legs. Fluoride, have no illusion, is big business! It is a waste product which is so hazardous, it is impossible to dispose off into the atmosphere or […]

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Energy, Wellness, Fitness –  the three major wants when hitting “mature age”! The wonders of modern medicine and the abundance of food means we are living much longer, some into their late 80’s, even longer. Question is, are we benefitting from these wonders? I ask, are you really living your life to your full potential or do you feel that your quality […]

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