Female Personal Trainer Melbourne

Are you…

  • 50+ and concerned about your health, weight and zest for life?
  • Recovering from an illness or experiencing declining health in your senior years?
  • Lacking energy, vitality and strength?

If you are looking to improve your health and vitality you have come to the right place! 

Ingrid Pich doesn’t just talk about the anti-ageing lifestyle – she lives it.

At 72 years young, Ingrid is a certified personal trainer running group fitness classes in Melbourne and working one-on-one with clients (in person and on Skype) who are looking to lose weight, gain mobility or reclaim their health from chronic illness.

Helping people feel great, and live long healthy lives is Ingrid’s passion. She will help you reach your health, fitness and weight goals through her four health foundations – Food, Exercise, Mindset and Support.

Foundation concepts Food

When you change your food, you change your life. Ingrid’s nutritional plans are different but tasty. She will give you a healthy alternatives that are easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious!

Find out how eating the right kinds of meats, fruits, vegetables and oils can be life changing. It’s easy, and with this new nutritious energy source you will experience new levels of brain power, health and energy.

Ingrid’s food techniques will help you avoid dramatic diet plans!

Instead – you will enjoy getting back to basics with easy meals of foods that will nourish every part of your body, your skin, hair, muscles, ligaments and nervous system, giving you brain power and energy!

Personal Trainer Melbourne

Whether you join a class or enjoy one one personal training sessions with Ingrid, you will surprise yourself at what you can accomplish and just how good you will feel afterwards.

Even if exercise is “not your thing”, Ingrid will help you find your pace!

Regular exercise will give you new levels of mobility, strength and flexibility and you will enjoy not only the weight loss but the exercise itself! Ingrid will support you to achieve your goals, regardless of where your starting point is.

  • Obese? No Problem!
  • Chronic illness? That’s fine!
  • Mobility issues or disabilites? We will make it work!
  • Never done any exercise in your life? Let’s go!

Ingrid will work with you from where you are now, to where you want to be with the support, understanding and motivation you need to see that you can completely alter your life through exercise, and enjoy it along the way.

Mindset Coach Melbourne

A change to your body comes hand in hand with a change to your mindset. As well as a personal trainer, Ingrid is a certified Master NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and brings a holistic view to health.

While you work your body, she will work your mindset! Ingrid will give you the confidence, belief and the strength you need to push through your past habits and design your future you.

Creating and maintaining a healthy mindset will be one of the keys to your success.

Melbourne Personal Trainer

Having Ingrid on your team will give you the motivation you need to get fit, lose weight and change your lifestyle!

Having a coach and partner will help you to do things you have been avoiding, and give you the motivation you need to continue long term.

You are not in this alone.
You do not have to do it alone.

You now have an inspiring, supportive coach to help you make the right choices and inspire you to follow through.

Discover Your Health with Ingrid!

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